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Kristina Pucko in Špela Ambrož


Kristina Pucko and Špela Ambrož

OD OKA is the result of project- based cooperation between Špela Ambrož and Kristina Pucko. Their product is ingenious tableware for exciting place settings.

The Hoop

The Hoop is a plate that is theatrical but does not overshadow. It is pretentious but not judgmental, playful but effective. The plate’s unusual shape motivates us to find inventive ways to present food. The two-level design of the serving surface enables the serving of several complementary dishes. Optionally, it can be used as shelving space for small objects or as a decorative addition to a room.

Pumpkin variation. Reimagined signature dish from TaBar.

White stoneware and white glaze

Size: 28 x 14,5 x 12,5 cm

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